ICT Education Service

My company is dealing in all innovative technological solution in education industry.
We have comparative analysis of all technological solution provided by major companies in India.
I would like to introduce few of them which are :
  1. Online examination solutions(Automation of all process i.e. Admission process to examination , quiz contest etc.)
  2. School management solution (ERP- Student record/Parent-teacher interaction solution/SMS alerts etc)
  3. Smart Class room solution(IWB/Math lab/ Science Lab/English Lab/Projectors/e-learning animated content for all classes)
  4. Educational tablets.
  5. Assessment and Skill development solution
  6. Education sports solutions.
  7. Education Infra Solution
  8. Computer lab setup solution
  9. Solar lab solution.
  10. Visual class room setup.
  11. Video conferencing setup.
  12. Audio/Video solution for conference hall/Auditorium/Seminar Hall etc.
  13. School teachers training solution.
  14. Online certification courses.
  15. Engineering lab equipment and software solutions.
  16. Web Solutions and Corporate movie.